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Design your future-proof data center with us

Modern data center architectures are hybrid: in addition to the local data center, they include a mix of private and public cloud infrastructures and services. Our more than 200 data center experts work with you to develop an agile infrastructure and hybrid cloud strategy that creates transparency and cost efficiency and facilitates the automated provision of resources. This enables you to manage all IT environments and cloud resources uniformly and seamlessly!

CANCOM Datacenter

Why modern data center solutions are essential

  • Unified and seamless management for complex, hybrid IT environments

  • Scalability and cost efficiency through flexible consumption-based cloud usage, including on-prem

  • Utilization of AI potential through customized AI platforms and agile infrastructures

  • Automated control of IT processes in the data center (from on-prem to the public cloud)

  • Integrated data security and protection, compliance and disaster recovery

Our mission: to create a modern IT environment according to your needs – efficient, secure and cost-optimized.

CANCOM is your full-service provider for modern data centers. Whether on-prem in your local data center or in the cloud – we offer consulting, planning, implementation, operation, automated provisioning, monitoring and management of all environments. We design your tailor-made data center – as a new building, in existing buildings or as a mobile data center. In the event of data loss or failure, we ensure rapid recovery – even internationally. We also offer you the corresponding services, from consulting to XaaS.


With over two decades of experience in building data centers, CANCOM offers you future-proof, economic and sustainable solutions. We offer you manufacturer-independent, customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. With long-term strategies and flexible concepts, we make your data center adaptable to future requirements. We also support you in areas such as resilience, data management and infrastructure and advise you on sustainability and financing.

We work with you to establish a well thought-out data management system that allows you to maintain an overview of your data and gain reliable insights that will make you more innovative, efficient and competitive. We also support you in using data for technologies such as machine and deep learning and artificial intelligence. To this end, we work with you to develop tailor-made AI platforms and agile infrastructures in hybrid data centers. We also offer data archiving services to help you meet legal, regulatory or business requirements.

  • Data management, AI & analytics

  • Efficient data management, including data storage and data cleansing

  • High-performance graphics processing units (GPUs) and tensor processing units (TPUs)

  • Fast and large storage for large data volumes and rapid data access

  • Cloud or on-premises infrastructure

  • Resource optimization, capacity planning & energy efficiency

  • Predictive maintenance (preventive maintenance)

  • Workload optimization

  • Monitoring and reporting

Data archiving:

  • Compliance with legal requirements

  • Data classification

  • Compression and deduplication

  • E-Mail-, document, database, SAP, invoice archiving

Every cyber-resilienz strategy includes preparation for an emergency. CANCOM helps you not only to withstand attacks, but also to recover from them quickly. To this end, we offer various solutions for disaster recovery, i.e. for restoring IT systems after an attack. Secure backups are a key component of this, as they protect data and enable a rapid and secure recovery if required.

These are our services:

  • Ransomware protection

  • Automated continuous recovery testing

  • Guaranteed backups in an isolated environment (cleanroom)

  • Automatic detection of malware in existing backups

  • Detection of anomalies by AI in your own environment

  • Immediate response incl. cleanup, alerting, reporting to SOC / SIEM system

  • Automated recovery testing & compliance documentation (regulatory)

We support you in all SAP-related tasks

As a long-standing SAP partner (Gold VAR), we are your reliable partner in the SAP environment. Our team of professional SAP experts supports you with a wide range of SAP topics – from consulting and implementation to operation, maintenance and licensing. In particular, we support you with the migration to the “digital core” SAP S/4HANA.

These are our services:

  • SAP HANA infrastructure

  • Enterprise hosting

  • SAP Managed Services (Remote, CANCOM Hosting, SAP on Azure)

  • SAP consulting

  • SAP application management

  • SAP licenses (Value Added Reseller)

  • SAP certifications

The data center infrastructure is crucial for rapid data processing and the provision and operation of IT resources. We help you to establish an efficient and reliable infrastructure to ensure the availability, scalability and security of your IT systems. For on-prem environments, CANCOM supports you in selecting the right technology, conception and sizing. Alternatively, we can provide you with resources from CANCOM data centers or the public cloud.

These are our services:

Virtualization and containerization: for more efficiency, reliability and scalability

  • Virtualized infrastructures

  • Containerized infrastructures

  • Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Server: selecting the right setup for your requirements

  • Blade, rack server & mainframe

  • Converged, hyperconverged & composable

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Storage: storage systems and technologies

  • Block Storage (SAN)

  • File Storage (NAS, CIFS/NFS)

  • Object Storage (S3)

  • Cloud Storage

  • Backup storage (tape/disk/flash)

Physical security  

  • Access control

  • Surveillance cameras

  • Alarm systems

  • Fire protection

Physical Infrastructure

  • Cabling, Power, UPS, Climate

  • Mobile data centers (e.g. containers, module safes)

  • IT Shelter, Rack Safe

  • Assessment for higher requirements for AI applications (e.g. water cooling)

We deliver hybrid and multi-cloud environments and support you with planning, setup, management, automation and optimization. Our hybrid cloud strategy includes workload placement and migration, orchestration and automation, security, monitoring and performance optimization, governance and compliance as well as resource and cost management across different clouds.

Our self-services and automation tools replace manual processes with automated workflows, enabling you to manage efficiently and adapt quickly. For cloud operations, you can choose between your own data center, a CANCOM data center and/or a public cloud.

These are our services:

Self Service Portals


  • Server provisioning and management

  • Network configuration, storage management, virtualization

  • Resource scaling

  • Configuration management

  • Monitoring, self-healing & reporting

Sustainability in the data center is an important step towards minimizing the environmental impact of the digital world while achieving economic benefits. We support you in preparing ESG reports and analyze individual optimization options. With these measures, you can increase energy efficiency and thus reduce the ecological footprint of your data center.

These are our services:

  • Energy-efficient hardware

  • Virtualization and consolidation

  • Data tiering

  • Outsourcing to the cloud

  • Adapted and optimized cooling concepts

  • Recycling and disposal

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of energy consumption

  • Waste heat utilization

As a full-service IT provider, we offer you various financing options in addition to our IT services, giving you maximum financial flexibility. Choose between purchase, rental or consumption-based pay-per-use billing: With CANCOM Flex Infrastructure you can flexibly order and cancel servers, storage systems, networks and security solutions at any time on a monthly basis. Our partners include leading banks and manufacturers from the office and information technology sectors.

These are our services:

  • Financing, cost efficiency

  • CANCOM Flexible Infrastructure (CFI)

  • Leasing and rental

  • Consumption-based (OPEX) and XaaS


Benefit from our services, which you can customize to suit your company’s IT infrastructure. Our range of services is constantly growing and includes support services, managed services and XaaS in addition to the classic consulting and implementation services.


Consulting & Implementation

Our services comprise three packages:
In (1) Analysis & Assessment, we work with you to define requirements, create analyses and develop a roadmap. This includes, for example, a cloud strategy workshop and a data center energy assessment. In (2) Planning & Strategy, we work with you to plan the implementation of your data center projects. This includes our cloud readiness and cloud migration workshops, for example. The Phase (3) Implementation & Transformation usually involves the realization of projects. We take over project management or support you during implementation.


Support Services

With our support services, we offer you a comprehensive service package with reactive support as a basis for the leading manufacturers. You can adapt the services to your individual needs and take advantage of incident support, standardized change support and lifecycle services, for example.


Managed Services

With CANCOM Managed Services we offer you flexible and scalable solutions. CANCOM takes over the operation of individual components or the entire data center for you. You benefit from a customized service that is tailored to your requirements and relieves your IT team. One example is our Managed Azure Services.



Thanks to our XaaS solutions, you receive services in an all-round carefree package. In concrete terms, this means that you don’t have to worry about anything and are always at the cutting edge of technology. Thanks to scalability and an OPEX model with monthly billing, you also save costs. For example, we offer you M365 Backup aaS and Container Platform aaS. With the latter, you can use the new container technology quickly and easily via our platform hosted in Germany – without high investment costs and time-consuming preparation.

Why you should choose CANCOM

As a hybrid IT service provider, we are both a classic data center partner and a service provider. This means that we supply the hardware, support you in the planning and take care of the implementation and service on site. With our broad service portfolio and leading manufacturer technologies, we offer you the solutions and services that best suit your needs.

Many years of experience: As a full-service data center provider, we have been supporting companies from all industries in all aspects of data centers for over 20 years. Our expertise is constantly growing as we integrate innovations in the data center sector into our portfolio at an early stage and make them available to our customers.

Proven data center expertise: With over 200 certified specialists who work in these areas on a daily basis and are highly specialized, we cover all aspects of data centers and the cloud.

Holistic approach: Benefit from the fact that all components in the data center architecture interlock perfectly. Thanks to our broad portfolio, we can map data centers holistically with topics such as security and connectivity. Your benefit: integrated IT areas, less administration work and fewer unnecessary costs.

Standardized service and service packages: We offer standardized service and managed service packages as well as XaaS. At the same time, we enable highly individualized solutions, high flexibility and short response times. With performance-based approaches such as CANCOM Flex Infrastructure, we guarantee rapid scalability and usage-based billing.

Strong partnerships with the market leaders: We work with the leading data center manufacturers and hyperscalers and can therefore offer you the best hybrid multi-cloud solutions. We operate across all manufacturers.

Data centers for your industry: Regardless of which industry your company is in, we offer you the appropriate infrastructure solutions, secure and high-performance.

We offer you over 20 years of experience and a holistic data center architecture


data center specialists


standardized & certified managed & as-a-services




ready-made multi-cloud modules and scripts

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