CANCOM Backup as a Service

Emergency preparedness for your business-critical data

It’s not for nothing that accountants, lenders, insurance companies and auditors place high demands on the recoverability of companies’ data. The reason: Despite backup, your business-critical data is lost if the storage media is kept at the same location as the rest of your IT – and it is hit by fire, storm damage or another catastrophe.

While damaged hardware and software can be replaced, the loss of your business-critical data means that the very existence of your company is at stake! However, there are hardly sufficient resources available in small and medium-sized businesses for storage at an additional, proprietary location. The way out: secure your data additionally in a geo-redundant manner with Backup as a Service in a certified, German high-security data center from CANCOM!

How does Backup as a Service work?

You back up your data at your site and store the secured virtual machines (VMs) in a special repository. At regular intervals, you also store the repositories geo-redundantly with Backup as a Service from CANCOM. You define the key parameters yourself – in a user-friendly self-service tool.


The repositories are mirrored in our certified high-security data center and are available for you to access at any time. This means you are perfectly protected in the event of a catastrophe!

Multiple options for data transmission and flexible costs

Technically, only the changes to the data are synchronized with the cloud repository in the CANCOM data center. The transfer takes place via a protected SSL connection. Since particularly large volumes have to be handled during implementation – or even in the C-case – you can also use an external hard disk or a NAS system (Network Attached Storage) instead of the network in these scenarios. In this way, even huge volumes of data can be handled with a low bandwidth load.

Backup as a Service offers the full flexibility of a cloud solution. Therefore, you can expand the storage space required for the cloud repositories at short notice at any time, just as you need it! You can receive more information about the benefits of Backup as a Service directly from us – just get in touch!

Your added value at a glance

Benefits …

  • Backup data stored securely and geo-redundantly

  • Full flexibility thanks to self-service portal

  • Billing on the basis of usage

  • Installation / C-case: also data transfer via physical storage system

  • ISO 27001 certified high-security data center

  • Storage of all data exclusively in Germany

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            Technology and services at one glance

            Technical baseRegular backup of the VMs that you create as a backup of your business critical data
            AdministrationYou define the backup intervals and the VMs to be secured yourself via the self-service portal
            Data transmissionSSL secured
            Access protocolhttps (encrypted up to 256 bit)
            Location of data storageCANCOM data center in Germany
            System monitoring24×7
            IT Service ManagementIncluded (ITIL)
            Information SecurtiyCertified information security management system according to ISO 27001
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