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Exchange information efficiently via data visualization


Data contains valuable information for the success of your business. With the help of modern visualization instruments and powerful tools, you can display, share and communicate your data anytime and anywhere. This ensures efficient sharing of important information and keeps you agile in your business decisions.

The goals of effective data visualization are:

  • Meaningful presentation of data

  • Adaptation to information needs of individual users and groups

  • Adaptation to process or environmental requirements

  • Interactive information delivery

  • Attractive user interface (UI) with optimal user experience (UX)

How data visualization works

With CANCOM Visualization, you can implement modern and efficient data visualization in your operations. We provide you with full support – from the initial workshop to the actual integration of appropriate visualization solutions.

For an optimized exchange of information

The CANCOM Visualization portfolio offers you various options for implementing an attractive user interface to visualize data, such as the results of a survey generated via a digital form, in a clear and easy-to-understand way. The diagram provides an overview of the various options.

CABCOM Visualization

The different visualization options at a glance

On a dashboard you can visualize your data with different graphics. The dashboard can be put together individually for your requirements. One example is the so-called KANBAN board: This digital project management tool enables, among other things, the visualization of different tasks and workflows.

The use of mixed reality technology enables you to visualize data via data glasses. In this way, you can provide your customers and employees with information for solving problems quickly and easily.

When you visualize data via mobile apps, you have access to it anytime, anywhere.

Digital signage includes digital and interactive communication solutions such as large displays or video walls. You can use them to visualize your data in a meaningful way.

Our CANCOM Visualization services

You would like to prepare your data and information attractively and easily understandable by means of visualization in order to promote the exchange of information within the company? Our experts support you in implementing modern and effective data visualization – from analysis to operation.


  • Actual & potential analysis

  • Added value of visualization

  • Elaboration of application scenarios and success criteria


  • Definition of architecture design & sizing

  • Integration planning for interfaces & existing systems


  • Infrastructure development

  • Proof of concept development

  • Integration of interfaces & systems

  • Commissioning of the solution

  • Documentation of the user interface business solution


  • On-premise or cloud operation

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