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As a cross-sectional technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform companies. With AI, you can face challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers and resources and energy efficiency and thus secure your future competitiveness. At CANCOM, we offer you a holistic end-to-end approach for the successful implementation of AI projects. Regardless of where you want to use AI – in the workplace, in production or in customer service – we offer you a customized solution.


AI in the workplace

The practical application of AI in the workplace aims to improve the productivity of employees in the workplace. Solutions such as Microsoft Copilot or a CompanyGPT – an individualized version of ChatGPT that can securely access company data – are used for this purpose. In addition, more and more device manufacturers are relying on special AI processors – the so-called Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This allows AI workloads to be executed directly on the device in an energy-efficient and high-performance manner. This conserves the battery installed in the device and reduces power consumption.

Universal use of enterprise AI

In addition to the use of standardized AI tools in the workplace, the greatest potential lies in AI solutions that are developed for your individual challenges. The spectrum ranges from a CompanyGPT to complex systems for optimizing production processes. We work with you to analyze your requirements and develop a tailor-made enterprise AI system – including a high-performance IT infrastructure – whether on-premises, from the cloud or as a service.

Infrastructure for AI applications

Every successful AI project in companies is based on a powerful IT infrastructure: this allows data that is essential for implementation to be prepared efficiently and used for training machine and deep learning algorithms. We support you in setting up such an IT infrastructure. To this end, we work with you to develop tailor-made AI platforms and agile infrastructures in hybrid data centers. We also support you in the areas of resilience and data management and advise you on sustainability and financing.

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Use cases and references

We help you to identify and introduce precisely the use cases that will most benefit your business. To this end, we develop customized AI solutions that are tailored to your business processes. We also provide you with standardized AI tools that perform routine tasks. We always focus on the development of “assisting AI” rather than “replacing AI” and see ourselves as consultants and AI enablers.

Discover the use cases and our successful AI projects in practice:

Data analysis for the process industry

We supported the largest mineral oil company in Central Europe in aggregating and analyzing existing data, developing process models based on this data and thus finding optimal operating modes for the coking process.


Automated classification of claims reports

A system was created for an Austrian insurance institute that makes it possible to analyze the content of reports fully automatically and prepare them for the fastest possible further processing.


ChatGPT for company data

Together with Austria’s largest banking group, we developed AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants that are based on company data and can answer frequently asked questions and carry out simple transactions.


Machine learning in the manufacturing industry

We developed an AI application for production monitoring for a manufacturer of large industrial transport bags. Sophisticated sensor technology provides seamless data that is evaluated using machine learning – allowing even the smallest deviations in product quality to be detected.

Computer-aided processes in the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector in particular, AI can support complex analyses and diagnoses. AI engines can search through doctors’ letters and prescriptions and provide information on medication, active ingredients and disease progression. Together with universities and institutes, we are working on various research projects for the analysis of patient data or process optimization in hospitals.

Why you should choose CANCOM

We use a “one-4-all” solution approach to support our customers throughout the DACH region. Together with you, we work out the use cases, deal with the data and data quality and implement the most suitable AI technology in each case. We also analyze your server infrastructure and find the best setup – whether on-premises, cloud or as-a-service. We also support you with change management, including user adoption.

We see ourselves as an AI enabler and offer you an end-to-end solution. This includes hardware and software solutions, sensor technology and data generation, the secure processing of data either on-premises or in the cloud as well as the analysis and preparation of data – presented in a simple and user-friendly way, e.g. in a dashboard. Contact us now and together we will plan the path to your individual AI solution!

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Our partners

Successful AI solutions are always an interplay of different technologies. That’s why CANCOM works closely with leading technology partners and up-and-coming start-ups to provide the most advanced and effective AI solutions. Our partnerships allow us to access a wide range of expertise and technologies.

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