CANCOM Endpoint Protection as a Service

Protect your endpoints from cyberattacks around the clock

When it comes to endpoint protection, businesses face significant challenges today. You need to ask yourself questions such as:

How do we protect our endpoints from known and unknown cyber attacks?

After all, this capability is not only indispensable for companies that are, for example, involved in supply chains or that belong to the critical infrastructure (CRITIS), and has long been considered state of the art. Don’t take any risks and protect your company: Choose CANCOM Endpoint Protection as a Service. The service consists of powerful next-generation virus protection that uses machine learning to identify even unknown threats. In addition, the endpoints are monitored automatically, allowing potential attacks to be identified around the clock and analyzed by our CANCOM Detection and Response team.

Your added value at a glance

Benefits endpoint protection
  • 24/7 real time attack monitoring and defense

  • Protection against attacks, malware and ransomware

  • Top scalability enables further increase of the security level

  • Flexibilization of IT investments (Opex instead of Capex)

                Endpoint security at the highest level from CANCOM

                CANCOM Endpoint Protection as a Service
                Endpoint Protection as a Service

                To ensure that the implementation and application of modern working models do not become a risk factor and can deliver the desired added value, companies need strategies for endpoint security. Opt for more protection with CANCOM’s differentiated endpoint detection and response solution offering: Endpoint Protection as a Service includes key functions such as detecting threats to the endpoint that have already overcome other security measures. CANCOM operates the endpoint protection agent and platform. Consume the services conveniently from the cloud and maintain your financial flexibility – with maximum scalability.

                • Operation of the next-generation antivirus solution

                • Operation of the endpoint protection platform

                • 24/7 attack monitoring and defense

                • Search for security incidents

                • Analysis of security incidents

                • Alerting in the event of a threat

                • Recommendations for countermeasures

                • Isolation of endpoints

                • Provision of service reports

                • Support

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