CANCOM Backbone

High-speed connections for high IT performance

Web and video conferencing, flexible workplace models, networked digital business models and many other new standards of collaboration require ever better transmission technologies, greater bandwidths and short, direct accesses for your corporate network to fast high-speed networks. Reliable and fast access to data and applications in new IT procurement models such as software-as-a-service or cloud computing also requires a particularly powerful technical connection and infrastructure on the provider side. The CANCOM network infrastructure is designed precisely for this and forms the basis for secure, fast, and smooth data exchange in your company.

The CANCOM Core Backbone – The main artery for your corporate network

Network and managed services of CANCOM, such as managed hosting & services, SD-WAN, cloud connect, and cloud computing services, are based on a geographically distributed data center infrastructure and the consistent virtualization and automation of IT resources.

In addition, with its own core backbone, direct connection to Internet hubs (DE-CIX), and nationwide network coverage, CANCOM offers a high-performance basic infrastructure for your data traffic – in Germany, in Europe & worldwide.

Components of the CANCOM network

Powerful network for your data traffic

Geographically distributed data center infrastructures
For a data connection that is always performant and fail-safe

Geographically distributed data center locations offer technical and economic advantages for demanding and economical high-availability scenarios. CANCOM operates both high-performance datacenters within an urban metropolitan area at a distance of about ten kilometers. On the one hand, this already ensures geographically that even in the event of a disaster, both sites will never be affected. On the other hand, the distance is close enough to ensure that there is always a high-performance and fail-safe data connection between the datacenters.

Intelligent transmission technology (MPLS)
Sicherer & schneller Direktzugriff auf alle Anwendungen und Cloud Services in Ihrem Corporate Network

CANCOM connects the two high-security datacenters in Hamburg via a broadband Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Via this dedicated inner-city network, there is also a direct and multi-redundant connection to CANCOM’s core backbone. Each individual datacenter is connected autonomously, so that the supply line does not represent a single point of failure.

The high-speed network with up to 100 Gbit/s data throughput and direct connection is linked both to the central German Internet node DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main and to the networks of other carriers and peering partners. This enables fast and secure online access at any time to the applications and cloud services operated in the CANCOM data centers via your corporate network – such as SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, Exchange or Office.

Broadband and redundant network connection of CANCOM datacenters
Secure & fast direct access to all applications and cloud services in your corporate network

With intelligent MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) transmission technology and a multi-redundant backbone ring with bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s, CANCOM creates the best conditions for fast and secure data transport in your corporate network. All your authorized employees go online, communicate, and cooperate simultaneously – smoothly and with high performance.

With professional 24/7 monitoring (backbone monitoring), we do not give performance restrictions or failures the slightest chance. At the same time, we offer you the technical infrastructure you need to take advantage of additional services: e.g., uniform Internet access throughout the company, SaaS access to centrally operated software applications, or modern telephony solutions via Voice over IP.

Cooperations with carriers
For high network coverage – national & international

Thanks to its partnerships with numerous carriers, CANCOM has very high network coverage and is able to connect almost 100% of all possible customer locations – nationally and internationally. And if you ever have a service request, instead of an anonymous call center, we provide you with a highly qualified expert as your personal contact. He or she will help you until the problem has been solved or your change request has been successfully implemented.

Your added value at a glance

Advantages of the CANCOM Network
  • High-performance basic infrastructure

  • Fast & secure data transport in your corporate network

  • Performance and reliability thanks to distributed data center infrastructures

  • Professional 24/7 monitoring

  • Multiple redundant connections to own core backbone (ring structure, 10 Gigabit MPLS)

  • Nationwide network coverage

  • Direct online access to applications and cloud services

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