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Recognize and exploit the potential of process automation

Optimize your internal and cross-company processes by automating them. This means that your employees no longer have to manually process recurring, sometimes time-consuming processes – which significantly reduces their workload. At the same time, automation increases your company’s efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness – thanks to improved quality, compliance, and faster process execution.

CANCOM Automation gives you the opportunity to successfully automate processes in your company. So we not only support you in identifying exactly those processes that are suitable for automation – through comprehensive analysis and consulting. We also take care of the implementation and operation of appropriate solutions.

The following diagram provides an overview of the
CANCOM Automation offering.

CANCOM Automation

The six steps of process automation

For process automation to succeed, you need to consider the following measures. With our CANCOM Automation offering, we provide you with full support.

  • Transparent visualization of the processes:
    Process mining technology is used for this purpose in particular

  • Identification of suitable processes for automation:
    On the basis of this transparent representation, processes are now identified that are suitable for automation. These are divided into vertical and horizontal processes. Vertical processes include, for example, various industries such as manufacturing or retail. Horizontal processes include various specialist departments within a company – such as HR or recruitment.

  • Identification of automation potential:
    Once suitable processes have been identified, it is now a matter of finding out the specific added value that automating these processes will bring. Figures, data and facts play an essential role in this.

  • Design of a suitable automation approach:
    Based on this, a guideline for the introduction of automation is now being created.

  • Implementation of the various building blocks of automation:
    To realize the automation approach, suitable solutions must be implemented. These can range from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies to the Digital Twin.

  • Measurement of the effect and use of knowledge for further automation potential:
    This can be achieved with the help of professional analytics tools.

Solutions for a successful process automation

With process mining technology, you can systematically identify, monitor and improve your business processes. This allows you to automatically visualize individual process activities from extracted event logs and gain helpful information, for example, for increasing the efficiency of a process. This makes process mining an essential factor for identifying optimization and automation opportunities. The exact functions are:

  • Continuous monitoring of processes & KPI’s

  • Identification of compliance violations and unanticipated actions

  • Comparison of target models with actual processes

  • Detection of bottlenecks & improvement of lead times

The use of digital forms and checklists offers considerable advantages, for example, in the area of maintenance as well as in service: Among other things, this makes it possible to automatically transfer a large amount of data to a form – such as machine components or customer names. It is therefore no longer necessary to fill in the form manually. The main added values of electronic forms and checklists include:

  • Eliminating the need for subsequent, manual transfer to the back-end system

  • Ensuring complete documentation in accordance with legal requirements

  • Avoiding the potential breakdown and downtime of a plant

A workflow defines the tasks, processing units, and their network of relationships within a business process – whereby a structuring and automation of recurring workflows takes place. In this way, the process can be run efficiently and without disruptions. In concrete terms, you benefit from these advantages

  • Avoidance of unnecessary extra work

  • Shortening of processing times

  • Increase in quality and sustainable minimization of running costs

  • Increase in employee motivation and customer satisfaction

With an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) you can manage and apply company information more efficiently. To do this, an ECM uses a range of technologies and processes. The solution takes into account the entire lifecycle of document-bound information: from the capture, management and storage to the provision and archiving of information. In addition, an ECM checks whether certain information needs to be deleted after a certain period of time. If so, this task is performed independently.

By using state-of-the-art technologies, Business Process Automation (BPA) is able to automate complex business processes – including associated functions. In addition to conventional data capture, processing and archiving, the focus is primarily on event-driven, business-critical core processes. BPA enables:

  • High flexibility

  • Increased productivity and shortened lead times

  • Significant savings and elimination of errors

  • Increased workflow efficiency through end-to-end automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the use of software robots that process structured, repetitive and rule-based business processes and tasks in a fully automated manner. As a result, these processes no longer need to be executed manually – which has a positive impact on quality and efficiency. The key added values of RPA are:

  • Increasing data and process quality through standardization

  • Freeing employees from tedious routine tasks

  • Economic profitability through higher accuracy of planning and cross-system data processing

The technology of chatbots and voicebots is designed to simulate human activity: Combining machine learning and deep learning, bots can process, recognize and generate natural language – and thus communicate with humans autonomously. Key benefits include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction by reducing service wait times

  • Targeted deployment of personnel for more demanding tasks

  • Accurate response to customer inquiries around the clock

  • Easy adaptation and evaluation of dialogs based on the insights gained

Our CANCOM Automation services

Do you want to benefit from and realize the advantages of automation? Our experienced data architects and analysts support you in analysis, planning, design and operation with the following service components.


  • Actual & potential analysis with the help of process mining

  • Added value of process automation

  • Elaboration of application scenarios and success criteria


  • Definition of architecture design & sizing

  • Integration planning for interfaces & existing systems


  • Infrastructure development

  • Proof of concept development

  • Integration of interfaces & systems

  • Commissioning of the solution

  • Documentation of the process automation business solution


  • On-Premises or cloud operation

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