Onsite & Repair Services

Achieve high availability with On-site & Repair Services

Our On-site and Repair Services provide you quick, reliable repair and reconstitution of your systems when they fail, allowing you to continue your work efficiently.

Our modular user help desk packages are tailored to your individual needs and requirements, allowing smooth business operation.

Whether an interruption is to be corrected or a server and storage system repaired, our On-site and Repair Services guarantee you qualified, sustainable support at any time.


Our On-site & Repair Services portfolio

  • Constant on-site supervision support for IT and communications infrastructures

  • First- and second-level support

  • Software pre-installation

  • Roll-out

  • Installation, relocation, expansion, and modification

  • De-installation and recycling

  • Life Cycle Management

  • Modular user help desk package for all requirements

  • On-site user help desk (front office)

  • Central user help desk (back office)

  • Process evaluation and management according to ITIL

  • Fault correction

  • Server and storage system repair

  • Network, security, and communications system repair

  • Repair of notebooks, PCs, printers, and other peripherals

  • Guarantee service with replacement parts fulfillment

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Personnel leasing

  • Interim management

Our partners in the field of On-site & Repair Services

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