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The IT industry is undergoing continuous change. Among other things, the trend towards “information technology on demand” is being given a new technological basis with cloud computing. The cloud is calling into question the usual division of labor between manufacturers and service providers and is bringing previously entrenched factors such as software licenses into play in a new way. But what exactly is cloud computing? How does it differ from on-demand computing? What do small and medium-sized enterprises think about it? And what services does CANCOM provide for SMEs in this regard?

What is cloud computing?

Like IT on demand, cloud computing promises on-demand access to IT resources such as software and enterprise applications. Cloud computing develops this approach further by making the use of storage and computing resources and other infrastructure components even more flexible. In addition to software as a service, IT as a service and infrastructure as a service are also offered from the cloud. The development is thus moving toward a platform for applications, services and infrastructures with online access that can be scaled as required.

Cloud services, managed applications,
hybrid solutions

As an ICT service provider and cloud service provider, CANCOM specializes in the IT needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Unlike the supposedly complete cloud offerings often advertised on the market today, we do not limit ourselves to virtual server capacities or isolated, mass-market online software offerings. Rather, the holistically oriented portfolio meets the central demand of medium-sized companies for fully comprehensive ICT services and various on-demand procurement models from a single source. CANCOM’s solutions are therefore not limited to standardized cloud services, but also meet highly individual requirement profiles or any mix of cloud services and customized ICT outsourcing and managed hosting solutions desired by the customer.

Computing power, ERP operation and corporate network included

In our BusinessCloud, we not only provide you with GHz and RAM or Microsoft standard applications on demand, but also operate your SAP system, your Microsoft Dynamics solution or your special industry application, for example. At the same time, we realize the European and worldwide networking of your company locations and take care of your desktops and mobile devices! As a result, you have a highly customized BusinessCloud solution that is precisely tailored to your specific requirements and guarantees consistently high availability of all IT services right through to your employees’ workstations.

On-demand access thanks to cloud computing

Dynamic scalability on demand

Play it safe and opt for complete all-round protection including the CANCOM Security Operations Center (SOC). Because with CANCOM Firewall as a Service with SOC, 24×7 security monitoring with analysis is available to you. It is carried out by experienced, CANCOM-own security analysts. If there is a threat, it is automatically classified on the basis of a coordinated set of firewall rules. In the event of a threat, your company’s designated contact person is alerted immediately. The SOC experts then formulate a concrete recommendation for action and support your company in incident response. Reporting is also included in the scope of services.


Perfect synchronization of business performance and IT costs

This enables companies to respond promptly, effectively, and immediately to market changes such as growth or consolidation pressure in a cost-effective manner. This preserves liquidity, avoids productivity losses due to a lack of capacity, and offers CANCOM customers the option of continuously and flexibly adapting IT expenses to their business performance via monthly billing by application and user.

Your added value at a glance

Benefits …
  • No investments in own licenses, hardware or know-how

  • Storage Resources on Demand

  • Full range of services from a single source

  • Usage-based billing according to user or utilization

  • Always optimal utilization of the necessary ITC infrastructure

  • Consistent quality guarantees all the way to the customer's workstation

  • No stockpiling of expensive “safety reserves”

  • Operation of all services in the German legal area

        Virtual software services and computing power on demand

        The customer-specific “switching on and off” of software services and virtual system resources (available GHz and RAM as well as storage capacity in GBytes) in the BusinessCloud enables companies to respond to fluctuating requirements in a much more granular and agile manner than when operating a static infrastructure via physical servers. Seasonal or temporary load peaks can be dealt with quickly and flexibly via the temporary activation of additional capacities and without interrupting operations.

        High-performance and responsive cloud infrastructure

        Via several geographically distributed data centers and a core backbone with 10 Gbit/s data throughput and direct connection to the German Internet node DE-CIX, CANCOM enables user companies in the BusinessCloud to implement sophisticated load balancing, backup and high availability scenarios and to access the applications and services provided quickly and securely.

        A German cloud for medium-sized businesses

        Unlike many global providers, CANCOM produces its cloud services exclusively in its own German data centers. Sensitive business data and mission-critical applications are kept and stored in the German legal area and in accordance with German regulations and compliance requirements. All contractual documents and service descriptions, as well as the entire service and support process, are in German or, in addition, in English.

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