How to prepare your organization for the modern

Companies are well aware that the world of work has been changing for some time. Hybrid, flexible work arrangements have become commonplace in the corporate environment. In addition, the use of AI technology in the workplace is on the rise.

However, to be best prepared for the modern workplace, companies need to consider a number of issues. Among other things, they need to equip their employees with the latest devices and software solutions.

At CANCOM, we can help you with these and other tasks with our comprehensive workplace portfolio. Our services cover both hardware and software – and range from the rollout of suitable devices to the implementation of virtual workplace solutions.


Our mission: to equip you for the modern workplace

Whether you want to equip your employees with the latest devices or create the technical basis for hybrid, flexible working with a virtual workplace solution: We can help you accomplish these and other tasks to make you ready for the modern workplace. In doing so, we draw on our comprehensive and broad workplace portfolio. Our services are always tailored to your individual needs.


Customized hardware for your employees

Your employees need the right tools to be productive. But choosing the right devices is not easy. The requirements for devices can vary greatly depending on the industry or department.

At CANCOM, you will find exactly the right devices to meet the needs of your employees. It doesn’t matter if it’s a notebook, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to our extensive partner network, you can choose from a wide range of device manufacturers – including Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP Inc, Acer and Apple.

In addition to device selection, we also support you in designing an individual client lifecycle model that is precisely tailored to your business processes and employee requirements. Our CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services can take care of all the activities that occur during the lifecycle of the devices – from procurement, logistics and rollout to operation, administration and replacement (SWAP services) and the return of old devices. All services are provided by the CANCOM Service Factory.

In addition to purchasing CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services as a complete package, you can also book the services individually. If you wish, our services can also include devices that your employees privately own and use for their daily work (Bring Your Own Device).



Modern software for the modern workplace

Together with our partners, we offer a wide range of software solutions for the workplace. We customize and implement these solutions for your company. If you wish, we can also take over the entire operation.

Our software portfolio includes solutions for the virtual workplace, the latest office applications and operating systems as well as AI technologies.

Enabling hybrid working models

Today’s modern workplace must be accessible from anywhere. With our CANCOM AHP Digital Workplace, you create the basis for a variety of hybrid working models and enable your employees to work securely and flexibly – regardless of whether they are in the office, working from home or on the move. Every user has secure access to the company’s IT and all applications via a personal virtual desktop at any time, from any location and via any device.

Drive productivity and collaboration

Microsoft 365 (M365) and Windows 11 play a critical role in driving productivity and collaboration in your organization. M365 provides a cloud-based, seamless work environment, including “classic” Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Windows 11 provides a streamlined user experience and a high level of security, so your employees can work productively with a high level of data security.

In addition to deploying M365 and Windows 11, we can help you integrate cutting-edge AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot directly into your M365 applications and Windows 11 to further streamline your workflows.

Security, visibility and compliance for your IT environment

We can help you implement a centralized and comprehensive Active Directory with consistent and traceable access permissions across your organization. For this purpose, we have developed CANCOM Global AD: an out-of-the-box solution for more security, compliance, traceability and structure in your Active Directory and Entra ID (Azure AD) environment.

Seamless software management for your workplace

Automated software packaging and management is essential to meet the growing demands of modern IT infrastructures. CANCOM Packaging PowerBench is an automation solution that saves you time and resources. The simplified process handling allows you to deploy and manage software quickly and seamlessly.


Comprehensive workplace services

Whether you want to provide your employees with modern endpoints or a virtual workplace: We can help you with our broad workplace portfolio. Get your business ready for the modern workplace.

Our services cover both hardware and software, and range from consulting and support to comprehensive managed services.



A modern work environment requires modern software solutions. We offer you a wide range of solutions. These include office applications such as M365 – including AI functions – virtual workplace solutions such as CANCOM AHP Digital Workplace, central Active Directory systems such as CANCOM Global AD, and software packaging solutions such as CANCOM Packaging PowerBench. In addition to comprehensive consulting services, we also take care of implementation, integration, operation and administration, depending on your wishes and requirements.



We can help you find exactly the devices your employees need for their daily work. We can help you select the right devices and, if you wish, we can take care of the entire lifecycle of the devices as part of our CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services. In addition to procurement and rollout, this also includes operation, management and replacement of the devices. You can purchase the relevant CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services, which are provided by our CANCOM Service Factory, as a complete package or individually.

When it comes to financing our services in the workplace environment, we offer a range of financing options that we tailor to your individual situation. These include traditional leasing as well as modern pay-per-use financing models. With these models, you only pay for the services you actually use. Our goal is always to ensure that your IT costs do not exceed your planned budget – including full cost transparency.

For more information on financing, please visit CANCOM Financial Services.

Why you should choose CANCOM

As an experienced partner in the workplace environment, we understand the challenges your business faces today. We are with you every step of the way, helping you deploy out-of-the-box devices, select the right vendor, and implement customized software solutions. In addition to providing comprehensive advice on planning and implementing your workplace strategy, we offer a full range of services to help you focus on your core business.

Many years of experience: CANCOM is one of the largest system houses and managed service providers in Germany. We have been successfully supporting customers in planning and implementing their workplace concepts for many years.

Hybrid approach: We create a hybrid workplace environment in which, for example, we can seamlessly integrate Mac devices into existing Windows environments. This enables efficient collaboration – even when using different operating systems.

Focus on flexible working: Our services are tailored to the needs of flexible working. For example, we deliver endpoints with pre-installed software directly to home workers, including quick and easy setup using tools such as Windows Autopilot.

Standardised services and service packages: We offer standardised service and managed service packages as well as XaaS offerings. Among other things, we take care of all services that arise during the lifecycle of your devices. We deliver these services quickly and efficiently – from our CANCOM Service Factory.

Strong partnerships with market leaders: We work closely with leading manufacturers such as Apple and Microsoft to provide you with world-class products and solutions that meet your specific needs.

Workplace solutions for your industry: Whatever your industry, we have the right workplace solutions – secure and state-of-the-art.

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