CANCOM Group with sound business development in the third quarter

Munich, Germany, October 28, 2015 - According to provisional figures,
CANCOM group's sales revenues and profit for the third quarter of 2015 have
continued to grow. In detail, CANCOM's consolidated sales revenues for the
quarter rose by 10.1 percent to EUR 226.9 million compared to EUR 206.1
million in q3/2014. Preliminary Group EBITDA for the third quarter of the
current financial year was EUR 17.2 million and 17.0 percent higher than
the previous year's figure of EUR 14.7 million. Respectively, the EBITDA
margin is 7.6 percent as compared with 7.1 percent in q3/2014. Preliminary
Group EBITA for q3 is EUR 13.8 million compared with EUR 11.9 million in
2014, a plus of 16.0 percent.

For the nine months of the current financial year and according to the
provisional figures, the group increased consolidated sales revenues by
14.5 percent to EUR 657.4 million compared to EUR 574.3 million in the
previous year. Preliminary Group EBITDA was EUR 40.9 million compared to
EUR 35.4 million recorded in 2014 (up 15.5 percent), which corresponds to
an EBITDA margin of 6.2 percent and previous year's level. Preliminary
Group EBITA for the nine months of 2015 amounts to EUR 31.4 million
compared to EUR 27.2 million in 2014, which is an increase of 15.4 percent.

The full report for the third quarter will be published on November 12,


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Tobias Fuchs
External Communications Manager
Sebastian Bucher
Manager Investor Relations