CANCOM Container Platform as a Service

Kubernetes based container platform 24/7

Do you rely on a modern, microservices-based IT environment based on the container approach, or are you at least planning to introduce one? Then choose CANCOM Container Platform as a Service: Because the redundantly secured operation in certified, CANCOM-owned, German high-security data centers guarantees the availability of the IT environment around the clock. Because you don’t have to burden yourself with the infrastructure, you have your hands free to take full advantage of the benefits of container technology – such as flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Kubernetes based orchestration

It’s just as easy to use as you’d expect from other PaaS offerings in the cloud. That’s because containers are orchestrated using Kubernetes, an open source-based system designed specifically for automated management of such applications. For example, multiple containers are always grouped into logical parts. Moreover, containers can be moved around completely risk-free, without any risk of data loss. Moreover, you can easily create networks between the single containers. And a load balancer is also available, which can be used to release services to external networks, among other things. The bottom line: Excellent usability for efficient work!

  • Big data applications

  • Test and dev environments

  • Dynamic workloads

  • Webshops, training or demo systems

  • Predictive Maintenance (Industry 4.0)

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Cloud Native Workloads

Your added value at a glance

Benefits …
  • Management platform that can be used exactly as needed

  • Highly efficient orchestration of container environments

  • State-of-the-art, Kubernetes-based open source technology

  • Redundantly protected 24/7 operation

  • CANCOM-owned data centers in Germany

  • Service management with reporting

            Use as a multi-cloud operating system

            CANCOM Container Platform as a Service is even suitable for companies with the highest requirements for information security and data protection, such as those in the financial services or high-tech industries. The range of concrete use cases is enormous: As an example, consider the scenario in which computing capacities from the public cloud are to be used and workloads are to be distributed among various providers for security purposes. Thanks to CANCOM Container Platform as a Service, it no longer matterswhere the operating system is located or who provides it. All that needs to be specified is which container applications are to be run.

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