CANCOM E-Invoice as a Service

Automate the sending, receiving, converting and processing of your e-invoices

Electronic invoicing is increasingly becoming the standard in the B2B environment. Focus on the future by digitizing your invoicing processes and reducing your direct and indirect process costs. Our flexible as-a-service approach replaces implementation-, maintenance- and cost-intensive in-house solutions and reduces the burden on your IT department.


How CANCOM E-Invoice as a Service works

Upon request, we can help you choose the right format if it has not already been specified by you or your business partners. We will then connect you to our CANCOM Data & Process Integration Platform. Here, all common types of communication are possible. We receive the data in your in-house format, convert it to the target format and handle the communication with your business partners.

The transfer is continuously monitored and our operations team intervenes automatically or manually if errors occur. Optionally, our WebMonitoring gives you an overview of the transmissions and allows you to search and download messages.

These are the added benefits of CANCOM e-invoicing as a service

Cost savings
Replacement of implementation- and cost-intensive in-house solutions. No need for your own hardware and software for e-invoicing.

PEPPOL Partner
CANCOM is an official PEPPOL access point and is connected to the network via the mandatory AS4 protocol.

Legal certainty
E-invoices are created and sent in accordance with German law from our own data centers in Germany.

Up to date
You are always prepared for future adaptations and changes in standards.

Total transparency
Complete cost transparency and scalability with the as-a-service approach.

Optional booking of audit-compliant archiving as a service – cost-effective, secure and efficient, all from a single source.

Legal requirement for e-invoicing

As of November 27, 2020, e-invoicing will be mandatory in Germany for transactions with public sector customers of €1,000 or more. From this date, paper invoices can no longer be accepted. With CANCOM E-Invoice aaS, we offer you a flexible and cost-effective way to meet this obligation. Automated communication via the PEPPOL network is ideal for higher invoice volumes and transactions with public sector customers.

From concept to 24/7 operation

CANCOM offers an efficient and automated way for your e-invoices based on the Data & Process Integration Platform. Everything from a single source, in compliance with German law and as a service. Whether XRechnung via the PEPPOL network, ZUGFeRD or any other format. We take care of the connection, conversion and operation. If you wish, we can also take care of revision-proof archiving.

Make it easy for yourself and digitize your billing processes

CANCOM is a certified PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine. E-invoices can be sent via this network to all connected European companies and public authorities. All German public institutions, authorities and organizations have announced that they will use this communication channel. CANCOM is listed as a certified PEPPOL access point and is connected to the network via the mandatory AS4 protocol.

CANCOM ist zertifizierter PEPPOL-Access Point

Optional: Legally compliant archiving as a service

The legal retention period applies to all e-invoices, just as it does to all types of business correspondence. And in the format in which they left your responsibility. With our many years of experience and our KPMG-certified audit-compliant archiving service, you are on the safe side. We archive the original format and the target format together with a conversion report in our digital archive, which is operated in Germany in accordance with German law, in an unalterable and legally compliant manner – at least until the end of the statutory retention period. We describe the exact archiving process in an optional process documentation. This can be certified by our auditor and presented to your accountant or tax advisor.

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