CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services

Continuous all-round management for user devices

With CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services we assume responsibility for all processes related to the management of your user devices. Thanks to standardized service modules the range of services that is suitable for your company can be defined very quickly and precisely. The CANCOM Service Factory is at the heart of this: for example, over 1,000 bays enable the simultaneous “refuelling” of tablets, notebooks or desktop PCs with maximum efficiency. So even the rollout of thousands of end devices is just a routine task for us.

Service modules for every lifecycle phase

In the CANCOM Service Factory, however, not only the beginning of the lifecycle of a device is taken into account, but also the end. For this reason, we have our own rollback and refurbishment Center for end-of-life devices. The bottom line is that we are able to provide professional support for all lifecycle phases of a device: From procurement, refinement, personalization and rollout to disposal. We can even handle remarketing for you, if that makes sense in the specific case. And even in the run-up, before procurement, we support you with financing.

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Client Lifecycle Services from a single source: Which CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services do you need in your specific business scenario? Select the service modules you want us to support you with. We are also happy to take care of all phases of the lifecycles of your end devices – one-stop!

All service modules at a glance

Before use

The experts at CANCOM Financial Services will be happy to prepare an appropriate, attractive offer for your company for financing the new devices. This way, you retain your financial flexibility at all times.

All types of end devices are covered, from smartphones to PCs and monitors to tablets or notebooks as well as peripherals such as printers are. Asset management with inventory is also possible: the service number of the device can be retrieved over the entire period of use – for example, for warranty processing.

This includes in particular “refueling”, i.e. the end device is configured according to the requirements of the user company and initially provided with the necessary software. In addition, user-specific inscriptions, labels, protective foils, etc. can also be applied.

Efficient, international logistics service providers take over the transport of the individualized end devices to the locations of the respective users. Delivery is customized and entirely adaptable to your needs.

We also handle the company-wide rollout for you, naturally including all the necessary services – such as software distribution to all locations worldwide.

During use

During the period of use of the newly purchased smartphones, tablets, or monitors, your employees have the option of using CANCOM UHD. If they have any questions or faults, highly qualified CANCOM experts will be at their disposal. So book the CANCOM UHD as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all IT questions from your company’s users!

The CANCOM Service Factory keeps a pool of replacement devices permanently available for your company, especially for this swap service. Depending on the option booked, users throughout the EU domestic market get a replacement by the next business day – including import of the current backup and shipping!

After use

At the end of its useful life, the device can be taken back by the Rollback & Refurbishment Center of the CANCOM Service Factory to perform a certified data erasure. This safely prevents business-critical information on the smartphones, tablets, or notebooks from falling into the wrong hands after use!

In the interest of the CANCOM customer, we strive to leverage all conceivable potential. We take your IT equipment that is no longer needed in trade-in, refurbish it, and remarket it on your behalf.

If the notebook, PC, monitor or printer has definitely reached the end of its lifecycle, you can also commission us to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner – including the proper destruction of any data media.

Flexiblize your fixed IT costs!

Does your IT department also have to keep an extensive stock of end devices – because this is supposedly the only way to help business users as quickly as possible in the event of a defect in their monitor, PC, smartphone, tablet or notebook? Put an end to such superfluous capital lockup – and ensure maximum flexibility instead!

With CANCOM Client Lifecycle Services, flexible, needs-based services take the place of fixed investments. As a result, the devices are available exactly when they are needed by the business – and without unnecessary capital commitment. What’s more, thanks to the highly professional processes of CANCOM Client Lifecycle Management for your users’ devices, you benefit from massively increased efficiency. Just ask us for more details!

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