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Digitize your logistics along the entire value chain

The strong growth in the logistics industry is currently facing many challenges: high energy and labor costs, a shortage of skilled workers, disruptions in supply chains, and new regulatory requirements such as the Supply Chain Act. A transparent, digital supply chain is therefore essential to reduce costs and improve value creation and service quality. Here, you can get an overview of how you can digitize your logistics and supply chain along the value chain using CANCOM IT, IoT, Data & Analytics solutions and services to address these challenges.


Comprehensive goals in the logistics sector

Digital solutions and services in the logistics industry offer opportunities to achieve various overarching goals.

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments

  • Automation of logistics processes

  • Efficient management of inventory and goods flows

  • Improvement of customer communication and services

  • Optimization of logistics costs

  • Resilience of supply chains

  • Meeting regulatory requirements

CANCOM IT and digitalization solutions for an efficient logistics chain

Efficient processes in logistics can be easily and quickly achieved with the right use of IT. Take advantage of our comprehensive IT offerings to monitor and manage your logistics in real-time. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, or intra-logistics, you will find the appropriate digitalization solutions for all areas of logistics here.

Logistics data capture 

Automatic identification and capture of goods

Logistics data capture 

  • Identification technology and auto-ID solutions  

  • Barcode scanners (Mobile Data Entry), handheld scanners, vehicle-mounted scanners, and forklift terminals for input and output data capture  

  • Active and passive tags such as RFID, BLE, Beacon, and UWB for automated and contactless identification and location tracking of goods

  • Label printers with and without RFID technology

  • Smart glasses, smart gloves, and finger and ring scanners to assist warehouse personnel during picking processes 

Logistics tracking

Real-time tracking and monitoring of transports

Logistics tracking

  • Supply chain tracking with real time Location systems (RTLS)   

  • GPS tracking systems for tracking shipments 

  • Track & trace solutions such as barcode tracking and usse of RFID technologies

  • Transport management systems (TMS) for tracking of good flows 

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring during transport

Condition monitoring

  • IoT sensors for transport containers to monitor temperature, humidity, vibrations, and shocks

  • Central monitoring systems for automated notifications of anomalies 

Warehouse & yard Management

Real-time tracking and monitoring within the company

Warehouse & yard management

  • Improvement of intralogistics processes, such as effective inventory and goods flow management  

  • Indoor positioning solutions for tracking assets, personnel, and resources to create transparency and optimize business operations.

  • RTLS platforms for effective yard management, such as avoiding congestion and optimizing pedestrian and vehicle routes on the premises

Information logistics

Smart displays and smart labels

Information logistics

  • Smart displays and smart labels – on containers or goods for paperless transmission of additional information during indoor and outdoor transport, such as ePaper displays for digital display of product and transport information, price tags, item specifications, and 1D and 2D codes

  • Smart containers with displays of product specifications, such as withdrawal quantity, withdrawal confirmation, and display of error messages

Data management & analytics

Central management of logistics data

Data management & analytics

  • Central data platform for building structured data management 

  • Big Data analytics solutions to identify trends and patterns in the supply chain and discover optimization opportunities. 

  • Business intelligence software and tools   

  • Location, predictive, process analytics 

  • Infrastructure for process and data mining  

  • Data governance solutions  


Simplification of logistics processes 


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA) for taking over routine processes in production logistics, such as daily exporting of inventory from the ERP/WMS

  • Automated data and process integration

  • EDI as a Service for secure exchange of business data between customers and business partners

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for centralized document management 

  • Digital forms and e-invoicing to reduce administrative workload for employees 

Logistics visualization

Logistics dashboards & portals

Logistics visualization

  • Central information platforms and digital signage systems, for example, for visualizing the warehouse control center 

  • Integration of data interfaces to connect all data sources and as a foundation for digital twins 

  • Data and process integration solutions 

  • Mixed reality solutions for data visualisation with data glasses 

  • Mobile apps for data visualisation  

Solutions for a reliable IT infrastructure 

As one of the leading hybrid IT service providers, we also support you in all traditional IT areas such as network & security, datacenter & storage, or workplace, providing everything necessary for a reliable IT infrastructure for transportation and logistics. Talk to us about your specific requirements and business needs. We provide consultation based on your existing IT infrastructure. Many of our solutions can be easily and flexibly used as a service!


Effective Cybersecurity


  • Security Governance, Policies & Standards

  • Security Operations, such as Security Operations Center (SOC) 24/7

  • Data & Application Security, such as Database Security

  • Content Security such as Web and Email Security

  • Identity & Access Security such a Multifactor Authentification

  • Endpoint Security, such as Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

  • Network & Perimeter Security, such as Firewalls, Network Segmentation

  • Physical Security, such as Access Controll Video Monitoring and Alerts for unauthorized access

Network & Connectivity

Stable and secure network communication

Network & Connectivity

  • Physical Connectivity Infrastructure

  • Connectivity Sensors & Devices

  • Edge Connectivity Gateways

  • Network Connectivity Infrastructure such as LAN, WLAN

  • WAN & Carrier Connectivity Services

  • Secure (Network) Connectivity

  • Connectivity Automation & Management

Modern Workplace

Worldwide location-independent work

Modern Workplace

  • Mobile Workplace Solutions

  • Workplace Strategy

  • Virtual Desktop Solutions

  • EndPoint Management

  • Identity & Directory Services

  • Workplace Collaboration

  • Performance Monitoring

Modern Data Center

Fast processing of mission-critical data 

Modern Data Center

  • Tailored data center, enterprise server, and storage solutions for uninterrupted operational processes

  • Private, Hybrid & Multi Cloud IT architectures

  • Data Center- and back-up concepts

  • Server & Storage Virtualisation

  • Public Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

  • Container Management

  • High Performance Computing, KI & Analytics

  • High-Availibility & Desaster Recovery

Communication & Collaboration

Seamless communication among all stakeholders

Communication & Collaboration

  • Voice & Video Communication

  • Remote collaboration apps and plattforms  

  • Instant Messaging and video conferencing systems  

  • Media technology and meeting room solutions

  • Workflow solutions and tools

  • Signage solutions 

  • Chat- and Voice bots

CANCOM services for a digitized logistics

Is the digitization of your logistics still in its early stages, or are you already in the midst of implementation? We simplify IT and support you with the right services: from consultation to rollout and the integration of IT solutions to financing. All in one place. End-to-end. Tailored and standardized. No matter where your project currently stands.

Consulting & Conzeptualization
  • IT strategy & process consulting 

  • IT system consulting

  • Security consulting

  • IT architecture design

Selection and delivery of hardware and software
  • Manufacturer-independent selection of hardware and software thanks to a large partner network

  • Delivery to all locations

  • Pre-configuration and setup of hardware and devices

Cross-site rollout
  • Data and process integration: Integration of the new systems and solutions into the existing IT infrastructure at all locations

  • Integration with ERP and CIS systems 

  • Technical introduction to the new system

Comprehensive IT support
  • OnSite & repair services

  • Premium Support Services

  • SAP Support

  • Direct access to experts

IT operations
  • Standardized managed services for applications and infrastructure: complete or partial operation of your IT

  • Cyber Defense Services

  • Cloud Services

  • Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Flexible financing
  • Development of individual financing models for your IT needs

  • Sustainable cost savings and full cost transparency

  • Effective financing solutions for lifecycle services and IT usage (e.g., on-demand and pay-per-use)

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