Digitization solutions for the retail industry


Combine the benefits of online and offline shopping and offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. Specialized intelligent retail solutions and modern technologies such as IoT sensors and big data analytics make it possible. They provide the basis for a sustainable omni-channel strategy along the customer journey and ensure more efficient processes in all areas of the value chain. Take advantage of our full-service support to digitize your retail business as well.


This is what you achieve through the use of modern retail solutions

  • Better customer experience: With digital touchpoints at the point of sale, you bring your brand to life and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

  • Higher customer loyalty: Data-based marketing activities ensure a targeted personal customer approach. This increases your relevance with customers and ultimately your sales.

  • Cost optimization: Automated and optimized business processes in the store and warehouse reduce costs and resource requirements.

  • Improved quality of service: With more ways to interact with customers, you can improve the quality and speed of your customer service – both in-store and online.

  • Competitive advantage: By exploiting digital opportunities, you position yourself as an innovative trading company for customers and employees alike.

Holistic digitization in all retail areas. We provide you with holistic support in all areas and take your retail business to a new digital level. With our experts for retail solutions, we accompany you into the digital future.

The clothing industry needs to develop new store concepts to incentivize store visits. Supermarkets are looking for automated solutions to optimize their warehouse and merchandise management and keep shelves consistently stocked. As diverse as the types of retail businesses, so are their challenges. Rely on our expertise from countless customer projects. We support retail customers in front of and behind the scenes on all IT and digitization topics:

Bringing omni channel strategies to live

  • Development of digital products and customer services, such as Click & Collect or Pick&Go

  • Implementation of customer loyalty and benefit programs

  • Implementation of omni-channel strategies along the customer journey

  • Personalized location-based advertising measures and customer targeting

  • Improving the customer experience through, for example, wayfinding systems in DIY stores

  • Analyze visitor flows and reduce waiting times

Increase operational efficiency

  • Optimization of the sales area to increase sales

  • Automated warehouse management to eliminate inefficiencies

  • Condition monitoring of goods and stores, e.g. automated temperature control in cold room

  • Monitoring of the supply chain to improve the availability of goods

  • Indoor tracking for real-time location and retrieval of goods and operating resources, e.g. in car dealerships

Enabling networked and intelligent solutions

  • Standardization of IT infrastructure and systems across all locations

  • Establish central IT services for the stores

  • Networking IT systems, creating interfaces and breaking down data silos

  • Central data management

  • Creating holistic safety concepts

Solutions for the retail sector

Here you will find all the building blocks you need to implement your omni-channel strategy and optimize your business, merchandise management and sales processes. Efficient security concepts, interfaces to POS systems and inventory data, and the integration of WLAN or beacons – with our expertise in related technologies, you get holistic solutions from a single source.

Digitization at the point of sale:

Retail business solutions for all customer touchpoints

IoT solutions

Track visitors and evaluate trends

The basic technology behind smart stores are IoT solutions and applications. AI sensors, pressure and motion sensors, temperature sensors – the range of IoT solutions is wide. They make it possible to collect a wide variety of data in the retail sector in real time and to network it centrally on a single platform, as well as to monitor the status of goods. This enables you to gain valuable insights, automate and optimize processes, and create the data basis for a seamless customer journey.

In-store analytics

Better understand customer behavior

Data-based decisions and solutions in brick-and-mortar as well as online retail are playing an increasingly important role. With in-store analytics, you can use AI-based image analysis software to measure the behavior of customers and visitors in a privacy-compliant manner, and also evaluate customer movements in the vicinity of your store. In this way, you close the data gap to online retail and can optimize your store concepts, marketing campaigns, and staff deployment.

Location based services (LBS)

Address customers at the right place

Location-based services open up a whole new dimension of customer engagement and give customers a personalized shopping experience. By integrating LBS into your systems, you can track your customers’ location in real time and serve them personalized offers and recommendations based on their location – at the right time and via the right channel. For example, Bluetooth transmitters called beacons detect via customer apps installed on the smartphone whether customers are near the store, but also where in the store they are. At the same time, you can also use LBS to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by collecting detailed information about customers’ buying behavior and preferences.

Interactive digital signage

Play out individual advertising measures

Digital displays allow you to switch between a wide range of content in a matter of seconds, enabling you to address customers directly in-store. Cloud-based content management allows you to control your content centrally and adapt it to current weather conditions or regional events.

Kiosk solutions

Interact with the customer

Kiosk solutions are digital info terminals that allow you to interact and communicate with potential customers. Draw attention to discount promotions, provide supplementary product information or play product videos. You can also use self-service kiosks with integrated payment systems to reduce waiting times for your customers. In this way, you strengthen customer loyalty, generate attention and make shopping an experience.

Electronic price labels

Adjust prices dynamically

With electronic price labels, also called “electronic shelf labels” or ESL for short, product information and prices can be changed at the touch of a button based on price changes, special offers and other factors. Connected to the merchandise management system, you can also react directly to Internet prices or product availability. You can also integrate customer-friendly functions such as barcode scanners or QR codes for further product information and thus improve your customer service.

Smart shelves

Place products optimally

Smart shelves are shelves with integrated sensors and technologies that enable retailers to track customer behavior in the store, monitor sales and optimize product placement by measuring the popularity of specific products and brands. In addition, smart shelves detect when a product is sold out and can automatically trigger an order to replenish stock.

Live video consultation

Online consulting as good as in store

Live Video Advisor is a video & voice communication and collaboration solution that allows employees, customers or partners to communicate across platforms. No matter where in the world your customers or employees are, with the video call solution they can communicate directly live and involve your conversation participants in the middle of the action, similar to in the store. The technology is often used for interior design consulting or for technical support of customers and colleagues, but also in the fashion and beauty industry, for exa

Chat & voice bots

Answer customer requests faster

Use chat and voice bots to respond to customer queries and conduct automated interactions. For example, chat bots can answer customer queries in real time, take orders, provide product information, and even play out personalized recommendations based on customer preferences. Voice bots allow customers to access information and services via voice command, creating a more user-friendly experience. Efficiency and speed increase and you relieve your staff at the same time.

Digitization of administration, warehouse & logistics:

IT solutions for optimizing internal retail processes

Logistics tracking

Gain transparency
over the supply chain

Logistics tracking technologies such as GPS tracking, barcode scanning and RFID systems are able to collect and transmit information in real time. This allows you to track and monitor the location, availability and condition of your goods and products throughout the supply chain. In this way, you reduce delivery times, optimize your inventory management, and provide customers with better visibility and accuracy in delivery.

Asset tracking

Optimize warehouse logistics and merchandise management

Maintain an overview of your goods and warehouse stocks as well as operating resources in your stores at all times and obtain insights via in-store merchandise management. So-called Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) make it possible. Not only can they improve your inventory, but the technology can also be used to optimize space planning and maximize space utilization by making walking and merchandise routes transparent.

Video surveillance

Protect employees and customers from theft

Protect your goods, employees and customers from theft and other incidents. Modern video surveillance systems offer numerous features such as motion detection, facial recognition and access control to ensure optimal monitoring and physical security. This allows you to respond to suspicious activity before any damage is done.

Data solutions & dashboards

Visualization of
key figures

Make your business even more successful through sound data-based decisions. The visualization of key performance indicators is an indispensable tool for identifying trends and patterns, optimizing business performance, decisions and business processes, and collecting and evaluating collected data in a meaningful way on one platform – whether for in-store analytics or for a real-time overview of warehouse and shelf stocks.

Electronic invoicing

Simplify billing

Simplify your invoicing process with e-invoice. With it, you can automatically generate, send, convert, receive and archive invoices. This not only saves time and money, but also reduces the risk of errors. By providing invoices simply by e-mail or via an online portal, your customers also benefit.

EDI services

Electronic exchange of
business data

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services enable you to electronically exchange, centrally process and automate important business data on orders, deliveries and inventories, between media, systems and business partners. This minimizes manual work and human error. In addition, EDI software helps speed up the ordering process and manage deliveries more quickly and efficiently.

Digital forms

Accelerated data acquisition and processing

Digital forms help retailers save time and streamline operations. Employees can fill out and submit the forms on their mobile devices. This way, the data is automatically integrated into the IT systems and time-consuming scanning or manual transfer of data is eliminated. Examples include order forms, customer feedback forms, return forms or even inventory forms.

Retail devices

Always have information
at hand

Mobile POS systems and payment solutions, advisor tablets and smartphones for interactive applications or forms, wireless handheld scanners for inventory control or for capturing barcodes: We equip you with the devices you need in your stores and configure them accordingly for you in our Service Factory.

Scanner & printer

order processing

Stationary and portable barcode scanners, universal scanners, RFID scanners and printers, card and ID card printers: Order processing solutions enable all retail types – whether department store, grocery store or Internet store – to pick and dispatch and deliver products accurately and smoothly. Benefit from the leading printing and scanning solutions of our manufacturer partners and purchase all your hardware simply and easily from us, including the appropriate software. We will provide you with comprehensive advice on the optimum product selection for your requirements and support the entire rollout process, from support to SWAP service.

Establishment of a unified IT environment:

IT infrastructure solutions for retail

IT security

Protect customer and
company data

With the increased use of digital systems and their networking, IT security is becoming increasingly important in the retail sector. Secure your customer and company data with an effective end-to-end security strategy and protect your company from cyber attacks. We implement suitable security measures and solutions for you to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers..


Seamless networking and
data transmission

In order to centrally control operational processes and to ensure efficient and seamless communication and data transmission, the various in-house systems and devices must be integrated and networked with each other. These include, for example, checkout systems, surveillance cameras, WLAN networks, digital signage displays and IoT devices, but also warehouse management and logistics systems. Retail networks, however, not only include networking within the store, but also the networking of employees, stores and online store systems with each other. Whether LAN or SD-WAN – we support you with customized network solutions. Thanks to our own backbone and comprehensive carrier services, you benefit from an optimal network connection and fast, secure data transport.

Modern workplace

Digital workplaces

Take advantage of all the possibilities of modern working and enable your employees to access important information such as inventory and product information or even inventory or ordering systems from anywhere with digital workplace solutions. We support you in implementing and realizing your workplace strategy holistically – according to your business, cultural and IT relevant requirements. From the equipment of your business locations to administration and purchasing to the back office in-store.

Modern data center

Process and store
data efficiently

Whether it’s customer data, transactional data or inventory data, efficient data management is essential in the retail industry to handle the daily flood of data. With customized data center solutions, you accelerate access to data, ensure data integrity and improve system performance. The result: greater flexibility and optimized disruption-free operations.

Communication & collaboration

Improve collaboration and customer service

Communication and collaboration solutions such as messaging apps, video conferencing systems, contact centers and cloud-based applications, as well as traditional telephony, facilitate the coordination of workflows, increase transparency and enable better and faster responses to employee and customer requests. In addition, they are the prerequisites for specific digital customer services such as live video consulting and co. Implement a holistic collaboration strategy together with our experts. Your communication channels and end devices will be selected and coordinated to meet your requirements.

Services for the retail sector

The introduction of an omnichannel strategy and the digitization of retail processes is an iterative, agile process. The key success factor here is: standardizing the IT landscape and thus making the leap away from isolated technologies to networked and intelligent solutions. Take advantage of our full-service retail expertise and simply leave the technical implementation to us. We will overcome all technical hurdles for you and accompany your project from start to finish: from the selection of suitable hardware and software to operation and financing.

Retail consulting & conception
  • IT strategy & process consulting

  • IT systems consulting

  • Security consulting

  • IT architecture design

Selection and delivery of hardware and software
  • Manufacturer-independent selection of hardware and software thanks to large partner network

  • Delivery to all locations

  • Pre-configuration and setup of hardware and devices

Rollout across all stores
  • Integration of the new systems and solutions into the existing IT at all locations

  • Technical introduction to the new systems

Holistic retail IT support
  • OnSite & repair services

  • Premium Support Services

  • SAP support

  • Direct access to experts

IT operation
  • Standardized managed service for applications and infrastructure: complete or partial operation of your IT

  • Cyber Defense Services

  • Cloud Services

  • Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Flexible financing
  • Development of individual financing models for your IT needs

  • Sustainable cost savings and full cost transparency

  • Effective financing solutions for lifecycle services and IT usage (e.g. on-demand and pay-per-use)

Obtain retail solutions and services simply “as a service” (XaaS)!

Many solutions and services can also be purchased as a service, i.e. as flexible services that can be used and booked. These include Network as a Service, Security as a Service and EDI as a Service. This gives you access to the latest technologies and services and enables you to scale your business more quickly and effectively without incurring high costs for setting up and managing IT systems – centrally across all branches and business units.

Your advantages of XaaS

  • Fast rollout of new IT solutions and systems possible across all branches

  • Adapt your IT to new business models quickly and easily

  • Provide services centrally for all sites and branches and save time and resources

  • Respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the market environment and customer demand

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