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An up-to-date digital infrastructure and its active, future-oriented design and permanent further development form the basis of our modern society. The use of digital technologies in municipalities should be a matter of course today. Modern IT infrastructures are the basic prerequisite for our citizens to be able to participate in a digitally driven society and actively shape it. However, a look at the municipalities shows that we are only at the beginning of a process in which digital concepts are established as the standard in municipalities.

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Municipality and digitization. The EU, the federal government, the states and municipalities as well as the citizens have all their own ideas regarding the use of digital technologies in the municipalities. We understand that these requirements also differ in the areas of a municipality, which is why we provide area-specific and application-oriented advice..

Our IT solutions for the digital municipality

No matter how you want to implement digital municipality – we have all the building blocks needed to create your individual municipal IT platform entirely according to your ideas. For this purpose, we adapt the latest technology trends for use in the municipality.

End devices

End devices for your municipality

End devices

End devices form the basis for digital processes in your municipality. Use the full potential with our help! We support you in selecting the right devices and networking in the IoT. Of course, we take the different requirements of citizens and politicians into account.


Efficient municipal communication


Digital tools and services bring citizens and employees together when they are not in the same room. This improves contactless exchange – regardless of location, time or end device. At CANCOM, we support you in selecting and implementing efficient IT solutions.


High performance WLAN & LAN for your municipaltiy


We provide you with a stable network that meets all common requirements – also conveniently bookable „as a service”. With our provided technologies we guarantee the security of your data and IT.

Municipal data center

Municipal data center and cloud solutions

Municipal data center

Data centers provide the basis for data collection and processing. We support you in setting up and expanding your own data center, hosting in a certified German CANCOM data center, and operating in a public cloud – the choice is yours.


Modern working in your municipality


Working independent of time, place and device made easy: Thanks to virtual desktops, your employees have access to the most important data and systems. The advantages: All relevant applications are pre-installed and IT can be managed centrally. Your security requirements are the top priority.

Municipal platforms

Unify data sources

Municipal platforms

Do you want to combine different data sources and eliminate silo thinking? Then we have the solution with our uniform and cross-system data & analytics platform. Perhaps you would also like a dashboard that you can use to display and evaluate data? No problem, we will gladly implement it!

Municipal IoT solutions

Connecting devices and maschines

Municipal IoT solutions

There are many devices and machines in a city. The task is to network them with each other in the IoT in order to leverage the full potential of data streams and make them usable. You can implement more than you think!

Municipal dashboard

Virtualize data and information

Municipal dashboard

Data and information differ in terms of their significance. In order to make this information quickly usable, it must be visualized on a dashboard so that correlations and trends can be recognized (in real time).

Process automation

Automate routine processes in the municipality

Process automation

Routine processes abound in a municipality. These repeatable processes can be fully automated using robot-controlled process automation. The technology promises numerous added values such as efficiency increases or cost reductions.

Digitalization in all municipal areas of responsibility

We support you holistically in all areas and bring your municipality to a new digital level. With our experts for municipal solutions, we accompany you into the digital future.

Relevant areas of of application in the municipality:

  • Public transport
  • Road traffic officeP
  • arking lot management

Application scenarios:

  • Smart parking
  • Smart roads
  • Smart traffic
  • Smart transport

Example: Smart Parking

Automatically monitor parking spaces, display availability, and automatically direct parking lot seekers to available parking lots? No problem, CANCOM takes care of the entire digital parking experience, from infrastructure and networking to data collection and display.

Relevant areas of application in the municipality:

  • Public order office
  • Security checks
  • Persons responsible for building and event security
  • Fire department

Application scenarios:

  • Privacy compliant video analytics
  • Security checks
  • Alerting
  • Coordination & control

Example: Privacy compliant video analytics

We think video surveillance further: Using video analytics, for example, you can automatically detect events and initiate countermeasures. In this way, you can proactively ensure the safety of your citizens.

Relevant areas of application in the municipality:

  • Public utilities
  • Energy suppliers
  • Water suppliers
  • Sewage disposal companies
  • Park management
  • Waste disposal

Application scenarios:

  • Environment monitoring
  • Smart Waste
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Water
  • Smart Lighting

Example: Evaluate the air quality

Particulate matter, NOx and CO2 are not only a health risk for us and our planet. There are also strict environmental regulations to be met. We provide you with the necessary IT infrastructure to monitor air quality or optimize traffic flow.

Relevant areas of application in the municipality:

  • Museums
  • Theaters
    Tourism and city marketing
  • Clubs and societies
  • Communication and public relations

Application scenarios:

  • Information
  • Communication
  • Event, leisure, sports
  • Tourism

Example: Public Wi-Fi and information displays

More and more citizens expect public Wi-Fi and information displays in public spaces. Enable your community to connect to the digital network – with us as a strong partner who advises you, provides hardware and supports you during implementation!

Relevant areas of application in municipal administration:

  • Municipal offices, incl. district office, municipal council, mayor’s office, tax office, city hall
  • Municipal housing association
  • Road maintenance department (street cleaning)

Application scenarios:

  • eGovernment
  • Citizens & commerce: Portal and participation
  • Digitalization: Processes, structures and knowledge

Example: Municipal data platform

CANCOM supports you in setting up a central data management system. This makes data silos in the various areas of your municipality a thing of the past and optimizes processes and the flow of information. This allows you to take full advantage of your data potential.

Relevant areas of application in the municipality:

  • State schools
  • VHS
  • Libraries
  • Research institutions

Application scenarios:

  • Smart Education
  • Home schooling
  • Flexible learning
  • Inclusion
  • Online library

Example: Digital education solutions & services

Modern education is a basic prerequisite so that our children can later participate in and actively shape a digitally driven society. We are only at the beginning of a process in which digital education concepts are established as the standard in schools and teaching. We understand the different requirements of the federal, state and local governments and accompany you on your way.

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Relevant areas of application in the municipality:

  • Municipal hospitals and clinics
  • Kindergartens
  • Old people’s and nursing homes
  • Rehab centers
  • Social welfare office
  • Office for Housing and Migration (social housing)

Application scenarios:

  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Care
  • Smarte emergency services

Example: Hospital of tomorrow

Increasing patient demands, pressure to modernize and digitalize, resource bottlenecks among medical and nursing staff, and simultaneous cost pressure are among the major challenges for hospitals and clinics. With CANCOM Healthcare Solutions, you get holistic solutions for your individual requirements.

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Our services from A-Z for agile, flexible and modern IT

Are you still at the very beginning of a digital project and need advice? Or do you already have a concrete idea of which cloud solution is right for you? No problem for us at CANCOM. As leading digitalization partner in Germany, we offer you area-specific solutions – vendor-independent, future-proof and individual. On top of that, we can also provide you with a holistic service package on request. Benefit from our know-how in the public sector and set new standards in your municipality together with CANCOM.

Consulting & conception

Together to your digital community

We provide vendor-independent consulting from A to Z and design your path to the digital municipality. We know what matters in the public sector and are familiar with all regulatory requirements.

Planning & implementation

At your side from the beginning

We are happy to be at your side during the realization of your digital projects. As leading IT company, we take care of an optimal IT for you. So you can concentrate fully on your core business – we take care of the IT solutions.

Operational support

More efficiency for your municipality

We provide relief: Simply outsource parts of your IT operations, whether individual applications or entire IT environments. We also ensure that security standards, copyright and data protection are adhered to.

Using instead of buying

Focus on the entire life cycle

Individually preconfigured and ready for immediate use: We deliver turnkey end devices directly to municipalities at reasonable monthly costs. We also take care of the replacement of obsolete devices.

Flexible financing

Scalable financial services

Benefit from scalable IT that always meets current requirements and can be expanded as required. Flexible payment models and financing give you freedom despite tight budgets. We also show you how to circumvent unforeseen software costs.

Trainings & Workshops

By experts for experts

The best technology is of no use if it is not used correctly. We offer seminars, training courses and workshops on how to use digital media. Our experts make municipal employees fit for IT.

Benefit from funding programs for the digitalization of your municipality!

The Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the federal, state and local governments to make all administrative services digitally accessible by 2022. Our experts support you in implementing and realizing the required infrastructure and services. Take advantage of additional federal and state funding programs, such as ISIS 12, the Smart Cities model project, Green IT funding, and many more.

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