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Use software comfortably from the cloud

With Software as a Service users’ dream comes true: finally you can use applications exactly up to your needs, no matter when, where and with which end device. The  only important prerequisites are a secure internet connection and an internet-capable device – whether PC, tablet or smartphone. Therefore the SaaS model is becoming increasingly popular not only in the private sector, but also in the business environment.

In particular, the economic aspect speaks for Software as a Service: Avoid unnecessary investments in the IT infrastructure and make your IT costs more flexible – Opex instead of Capex. Simply use the software exactly as you need it to support your business processes. This is very easy for SaaS offerings as no extensive implementation project is required. Instead, the apps can simply be used directly from the cloud. Thanks to optimal scalability and flexibility, adaptations, for example to changed user numbers, are possible at any time and at short notice.

Perfect for users

In the Software as a Service model, the vendor provides the entire application with the necessary IT infrastructure. The provider takes responsibility for wide-ranging areas, including applications, data and storage.

Software updates automatically from the cloud

With SaaS, the time of time-consuming and expensive imports of subsequent software updates is over. This is because the provider takes over the maintenance and update of the application and makes it available to the user for direct access in the cloud. This is all the more important because hackers immediately pick up known vulnerabilities in the popular applications and precious time passes when the user manually imports them. In contrast, with the SaaS model the user no longer has to worry about such updates – they are carried out fully automatic by the cloud provider.

Shadow IT: New dangers looming

The downside of the easy use of SaaS in many companies is that users, especially from the specialist departments, book the apps directly themselves, bypassing the company’s IT department. A downright shadow IT has been created in this way, which from the IT department’s point of view evokes numerous risks. This applies in particular to data protection, IT security and compliance.

Centralized SW procurement via Marketplace

As a company, benefit from the advantages of the SaaS model, but avoid the disadvantages that are threatened by an excessive number of different cloud providers or the emergence of a shadow IT. How’s that work? Decide to organize the purchase of cloud software for your users centrally via the from CANCOM’s BusinessCloud Marketplace. The result: Efficient processes in IT sourcing and their control remain entirely in your hands!

Your added value at a glance

Your advantages
  • Applications are made available on demand via internet connection

  • The cloud provider takes care of the management and SW updates

  • Access data and applications anytime, anywhere, and from any device

  • Real time deployment of applications, no large IT projects necessary

  • High flexibility and scalability

  • Flexibility of IT costs (Capex instead of Opex)

  • Payment: use-oriented per workplace and per month

  • Broad portfolio: From hyperscalers such as Microsoft or Google to industry providers

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