CANCOM Platform as a Service

Flexible use of developer resources from the cloud

To be able to program and test new applications, your software experts naturally need a suitable development environment. However, the demand for such capacities is extremely volatile, so it fluctuates greatly. Irrespective of this, the unused resources of a proprietary, self-powered IT platform still cause consistently high fixed costs.

Save yourself the expense of setting up such a complex IT infrastructure and make these costs more flexible instead. Simply use the required resources as Platform as a Service (PaaS) from the cloud – exactly as you need them.

Your added value at a glance

Advantages from Platform as a Service

  • Flexibility á la cloud
    Use your PaaS solutions exactly as you need them, from any suitable end device and, for example, in your home office.

  • Which provider should it be?
    Just contact our Multi Cloud team and let them advise you. Our multi cloud experts give you access to PaaS offerings from all leading vendors – including AWS, Google, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft.

  • Flexilised costs
    Spend your money more reasonable than for an IT infrastructure with high fixed costs and low capacity utilization.

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