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Flexible and convenient booking of IT resources from the cloud

High costs are incurred if you use applications in your company that are de facto not permanently needed by users to the same extent, but only in certain phases. The required IT infrastructure generates high fixed costs because its dimensions are based on the peak load – and therefore do not need to be used for the rest of the time, but must still be maintained. If resources are too scarce, however, the annoyance is particularly great at peak times for users because information technology is not available.

For example, a seasonal production system or the accounting software, with which the invoice run is always created at the end of the month. The same applies to your development and test environment, which you need before the rollout of new functionalities of your business-critical ERP application to be on the safe side: Here, too, the demand for the necessary IT resources fluctuates strongly.

Flexible IT resources from the cloud

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you can significantly streamline your IT infrastructure and cut costs. Save on expensive investments in your own IT infrastructure and simply obtain the storage and computing capacity required for application operation from the cloud. You benefit from maximum scalability and flexibility at low costs – because you only have to pay for the resources actually used!

Book Infrastructure as a Service directly through CANCOM’s Multi Cloud Team and benefit from additional advantages – such as special support or consulting services that you can only obtain from us. Just talk to us directly!

Your added value at a glance

Advantages of infrastructure as a Service

  • Flexibility á la cloud
    Use your IaaS solutions exactly as you need them. Because the resources are highly flexible and scalable – and can also be booked at short notice.

  • Which provider should it be?
    Just contact our Multi Cloud team and let them advise you. Our multi cloud experts give you access to IaaS offerings from all the leading vendors – including AWS, Google, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft

  • Flexilised costs
    Spend your money more sensibly than for an IT infrastructure with high fixed costs and low capacity utilization.Geben Sie Ihr Geld sinnvoller aus als für eine IT-Infrastruktur mit hohen Fixkosten und niedriger Auslastung

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                  ave yourself the expense of setting up such a complex IT infrastructure and make these costs more flexible instead.

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