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In today’s world, departments need to be able to quickly deploy IT solutions to drive the digitalization of their respective business areas.

The CANCOM Cloud is a platform for individually configurable, fully digitalized, integrated and automated services. These follow the general principles of cloud services: This means that all services are fully digital, billed on a pay-per-use basis and can be used immediately.

The services provided in the CANCOM Cloud can be consumed via the central CANCOM Cloud Portal. Booking and invoicing takes place monthly via the CANCOM Cloud Marketplace.

We regularly develop the CANCOM Cloud for you andadd new services on an ongoing basis. This means you always have access to the latest cloud solutions.


How the CANCOM Cloud benefits you

  • Self-service approach: Ready to use at any time – no manual provisioning required

  • Pay-per-use: no contract model, providing daily visibility of actual usage and costs incurred

  • Centralized permissions management

  • Services can be controlled viaAPI integration

  • Possible integration with coding tools such as Terraform

  • Multiple deployment platforms can be used (depending on service)

Our Mission: To make cloud services as flexible and easy to use as possible.

CANCOM supports you in all aspects of your digitization needs and provides you with efficient, automated and standardized cloud solutions on a consumer basis. Together with our strategic partners, we develop cloud offerings that help you meet the diverse needs of your departments quickly and with full cost control. This is why we have consolidated our cloud services into a single portal and centralized the billing of all services through our marketplace.

Monthly reporting gives you insight into the actual usage and costs of the cloud services you have purchased Our hybrid cloud approach also gives you the option of combining cloud solutions with our German CANCOM data centers and the public cloud.

The components of the CANCOM Cloud

The CANCOM Cloud architecture consists of three interconnected components: The CANCOM Cloud Marketplace for purchasing and billing cloud services, the Cloud Portal as a user interface and overview of all services, and the individual cloud services themselves. In this way, we cover all aspects of your cloud usage and enable you to manage your cloud services easily and centrally.


​​​​​​​The CANCOM Cloud Marketplace is the central purchasing platform for products and services for all CANCOM customers. It includes infrastructure and platform solutions from all the major hyperscalers (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP) as well as a wide range of business solutions (e.g. Adobe, Microsoft, Google) from the cloud. Once you have access to the CANCOM Cloud Marketplace, you can access our offerings directly.

The CANCOM Cloud Portal is the user interface for all CANCOM Cloud services. Any customer can access the portal directly and free of charge via our marketplace and discover the possibilities of our cloud solutions. You are only charged for the cloud services you activate and use. This means ifyou deactivate a cloud service and stop using it, it is no longer included in your billing. You benefit from direct cost control and clear service descriptions.

CANCOM Cloud Services are activated via the Cloud Portal and billed on a usage basis.

Benefit from various services that you can purchase individually and directly via our Cloud Portal. We offer services from a range ofsolution segments – such as security, infrastructure, application, connectivity and data & business solutions.

Why you should choose CANCOM

As a hybrid IT service provider, we are a classic solution provider for IT projects, both on-premises and in the cloud. An important strategic focus is to support our customers in digitalization projects and multi-cloud architectures. We operate the CANCOM cloud architecture in our data centers in Germany, which are therefore subject to German legal requirements and jurisdiction.

Years of experience: We have been operating cloud solutions for our customers in our German data centers for more than 10 years.

Proven cloud expertise: Benefit from our qualified consulting team and our many years of experience in digitalization.

Holistic approach: Benefit from the hybrid approach of our cloud solutions: We bring together your local data center, AWS and Azure environments, and the CANCOM Cloud in a multi-cloud architecture. The Cloud Portal gives you the option of consolidated monthly billing for the various cloud providers andcloud services.

Cloud service packages: In addition to standardized service and managed service packages and XaaS solutions, we also give you the option of integratingthem with our Enterprise Hosting services. This allows you to combine off-the-shelf services with customized solutions to meet your needs.

No vendor lock-in: We work with the leading IT vendors to bring you the best open source solutions. You always have freedom of choice and can easily switch providers without the risk of vendor lock-in.

We bring you over 5 years of experience and a holistic cloud architecture:


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