Managed Azure Infrastructure

Ensure your success in the public cloud


Looking to move your IT infrastructure to the public cloud for lower costs, greater agility, and improved scalability? Then you need to make sure you have the right configuration and operation of the various Azure services. Failure to do so can result in high and avoidable costs, for example, because IT resources are not properly sized. The acute threat to IT security is even more dramatic if key security features are not effective.

Secure operation instead of risk

Avoid such risks from the beginning and opt for managed services from CANCOM: certified cloud experts professionally set up the cloud infrastructure stack in your tenant for your company. We also offer additional consulting services for very specific migration requirements. Once the migration is complete, we take over the management of the Azure cloud infrastructure and ensure its secure operation. In addition, CANCOM specialists continuously review how reliability, security, cost and efficiency can be further optimized.

CANCOM Managed Azure

Core Components of Managed Azure Infrastructure

To enable your organization to run mission-critical IT applications on Azure Infrastructure, you need the following components:

Landing Zone

The Landing Zone is the basic infrastructure for running your business-critical applications on Azure. To benefit from the advantages of the public cloud, important parameters must be professionally set up before operations can begin. These include IT governance access rights and virtual network management.

Managed Azure Infrastructure Services

Within the CANCOM Managed Azure Infrastructure Services, we focus on

  • Governance

  • Security

  • Identity Management

  • Networking

  • Virtual Machines + Containers

  • Storage

  • Operating System

  • Goal: Secure, compliant, and comprehensible use of all cloud services

  • Addresses both regulatory and internal company policies

  • Definition of a comprehensive IT governance strategy

  • Highly efficient governance compliance processes

  • Dedicated tools to implement and monitor the defined rules

  • Complex security features of Microsoft Azure require a high level of expertise

  • CANCOM security experts with in-depth knowledge are at your disposal

  • We set up your environment so that all security aspects are taken into account

  • Optional: CANCOM Security Operation Center (SOC) for perfect security

Other Services

  • Highly accelerated processes, such as rollouts and changes

  • Ensured through code-based configuration, DevOps processes and specialized tools

  • Enabled by the high scalability of Azure and CANCOM Managed Services

  • Covers both the operating system level and Microsoft Azure

  • Automation tools ensure low costs, e.g. automatic start/stop of VMs

Cost Management
  • Implementation is critical for actual cost benefits of the cloud

  • Cost reporting is the cornerstone of cost management

  • Comprehensive cost optimization of the managed environment

  • CANCOM Managed Services offer you “pay as you go”

Turnkey workspace from the cloud

Equip your company to make hybrid working work perfectly! Not only can we advise you on the right hybrid work strategy, CANCOM also has the right solutions for the virtual workplace. These include turnkey virtual workplaces such as the AHP Digital Workplace on Azure or cloud-based services for virtualizing desktops and applications such as the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

These are your added benefits

Benefit from our cloud-managed service operations

  • Best practice configuration (performance, security, cost, availability)

  • Monitoring and reporting (SLA, security, etc.)

  • Backup and recovery

  • Continuous cloud DevOps operations

  • Self-service request and change management

  • End2end hybrid cloud management, including network and IT infrastructure if required

            Simple management with CANCOM Cloud Portal

            CANCOM offers integrated hybrid cloud management via the CANCOM Cloud Portal.

            Benefit from the following advantages:

            • Self-service via the CANCOM Cloud Portal

            • Automated processes across multiple clouds

            • Full transparency of the entire multi-cloud environment

            • Easy access via the CANCOM Cloud Marketplace

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