Cloud Modernisation

Modernize your applications and workloads with the cloud


Modernize existing applications or transform workloads and services by moving to the cloud. By doing so, you improve collaboration in the enterprise ecosystem with agile and modern systems, among other things.

Overall, the modernization may be due to the following reasons:

  • You want to improve the performance or the processes in the company

  • You want to increase scalability and agility

  • You want to quickly access new technologies that are available in the cloud

Five steps to modernization through the cloud

The modernization process itself consists of five different steps. After analyzing your application, you configure the resources in the cloud and start the migration. If necessary, you make adjustments. After acceptance, during which the previously defined success criteria have been checked, the application is ready in the cloud.



First, analyze the website or application to understand how it is currently hosted and what its requirements are. This may include reviewing code, databases, documentation, and other components.



Then you configure the resources in the cloud to host the website or application. This may include setting up virtual machines, storage, databases and other resources.



You then migrate the website or application to the cloud. This can be done using tools or services from the cloud provider, or by manually transferring data and code.



After migration, you can make adjustments to the website or application to optimize it for the cloud environment. You can either customize the code to access cloud-specific features or integrate monitoring tools to monitor performance in the cloud.



Finally, test the website or application. Once all the tests are successfully completed, the website or application can be deployed to the cloud.

You decide what is modernized and how


Modernize your applications where you see the greatest benefit – or which have the greatest importance in your strategy. We support you with in-house developments, databases, websites as well as standard applications such as Office or SAP.

Do you need support? We will be glad to help you:

  • Takeover of the project management

  • Creation or review of the overall architecture

  • Gathering the business requirements

  • Capture the application interfaces

  • Technical evaluation of the target platform in terms of programming language support / version etc.

Your benefits

  • Seamless transition from legacy applications to cloudnative applications or to microservices-based cloud applications.

  • Build uninterrupted, resilient services, continuous innovation and interoperability.

  • Consolidate core business assets in the cloud for faster time to market.

  • Improved collaboration in the enterprise ecosystem with agile, modern IT systems

  • Support customer features with a cloud-based ecosystem.

              Secure and efficient thanks to cloud governance, security and automation

              Cloud Governance

              You will benefit from the migration in the long term, especially if you monitor your cloud services: With Cloud Governance, you establish a system with which you can fully exploit the advantages of the cloud and minimise risks. By implementing cloud governance, you can increase the security of your data, reduce costs and ensure that it complies with legal requirements.

              Cloud Governance contains:

              • Administration of risks

              • Controling costs

              • Meeting Compliance requirements

              • Optimization of cloud performance

              Cloud Security

              In addition, the security of your cloud services after migration is essential. With Cloud Security, you establish a security system that protects your data and applications through encryption, firewalls, access controls and monitoring. Among other things, your cloud services are regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities to ensure that the cloud services are always up to date with the latest security and comply with your cloud security concept.

              Cloud Security contains:

              • Data encryption

              • Use of firewalls to block unwanted access

              • Monitoring to quickly detect security problems

              • Security Operations Centre as a cockpit for danger prevention

              Cloud Automation

              Use tools and technologies to automate the provisioning, management and optimisation of resources with Cloud Automation. This will make your processes more efficient, reduce error-proneness and increase the speed of deployments.

              Cloud Automation contains:

              • Automatically provision cloud resources

              • Automation of scaling & deployment

              • Configuration management

              • Workflow automation and monitoring

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