Cloud Journey

How to master your cloud transformation safely


Are you considering moving to the cloud? Or are you planning to modernise your existing infrastructure? In either case, it is important to shape your plans into a cloud strategy in advance, plan the implementation and prepare the operational foundation for the cloud solution.

CANCOM helps you with all these steps so that you are well prepared. We also support you in the areas of cloud security, governance and automation. If necessary, we can even take over the operation of your cloud. The benefits for you? Your cloud is not only secure and compliant, but you also profit from all the associated added value.

What are your cloud goals?

Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud or even multi-cloud – to ensure that the transformation to the cloud is successful, it is essential to set precise goals as part of the strategy development. We will develop a target picture in close cooperation with you.



  • Applications in the cloud

  • Compute, storage and backup in the cloud

  • Workplaces in the cloud

  • Network and security in the cloud

  • Data and business processes in the cloud



  • Modernization of Application

  • Container and microservice architecture

  • Serverless

  • IT automation



  • Development of digital services and products

  • Data Management, analytics, KI, cognitive services

  • Process automation

  • New customer and user experience

The path to the cloud will succeed with these steps

The journey to the cloud can be challenging if companies have too little experience or lack qualified specialists. Together with CANCOM, you can bring cloud projects safely to the finish line – from strategy, planning and readiness to migration, modernisation or innovation:

Other topics to consider when adopting the cloud include

After the strategy phase has been completed, the next step is planning and feasibility. Topics such as governance, security and automation subsequently come into focus. CANCOM supports you throughout the entire cloud lifecycle.

Cloud Governance

Together we define the regulations for the traceable and secure use of applications and data in the cloud. The goal is that the customer retains control over applications and data at all times. This concerns technical, legal, operational, organisational, security-related and commercial aspects.

Cloud Security

Cloud security includes various measures to secure cloud services and environments. A clear strategy and consistent application in cloud security can minimise the risk of failures, data loss, hacker attacks or unauthorised access to data. We support you in the transformation process from the very beginning, if required, as security is an important component in all areas of cloud transformation.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation uses tools and technologies (e.g. Infrastructure as Code) to automate the provisioning, management and optimisation of resources in a cloud environment. This includes tasks such as cloud resource provisioning, scaling & deployment automation, configuration management, workflow automation and monitoring. The goal is to optimise efficiency and costs, reduce error-proneness and increase the speed of deployments.

Why not get the cloud as a service?

If you are about to migrate, modernise or innovate the cloud, the question arises: operate the cloud yourself or leave it to a professional? Talk to us about which model – including a hybrid if necessary – is right for you.

Cloud Managed Services

With Cloud Managed Services, we take care of the provisioning, management and backup of cloud resources and thus guarantee optimised cloud operations. Customers can thus concentrate fully on their business.

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Your added value at a glance

With CANCOM Cloud Managed Services you get a future-proof environment that is managed and secure. You always get the latest governance, compliance and security standards at your fingertips. Further added values are also:
  • Thanks to scaling, the cloud services can be adapted to your needs, and you do not have high investment costs thanks to the consumption model.

  • Benefit from existing CANCOM Blueprints and minimise rollout time

  • If you have any questions, a certified contact person with many years of consulting experience is at your disposal

  • Minimum effort for you, maximum concentration on your business environment

  • Opportunity for more growth, efficiency and the development of new business models

  • Automation as a cornerstoneomation als Grundstein

  • A centralised logging, reporting and alerting system helps you track

  • With centralised tools you can track, manage and keep changes compliant

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