Cloud Governance


With cloud governance, you establish a system that allows you to take full advantage of the cloud and minimise risks. By implementing cloud governance, you can increase the security of your data, reduce costs and ensure that it complies with legal requirements.

Cloud governance covers the following topics in total:

  • Compliance and security requirements

  • Consideration of strategic goals

  • Guidelines and rules in the cloud

  • Procedures and responsibilities

  • Naming conventions

  • Access rights and restrictions

  • Managing risks and controlling costs

  • Continuous improvement of the cloud environment

Take the right decisions!

Our experienced cloud experts have extensive knowledge of platforms and can help you make the right decisions regarding cloud usage, governance and strategy. Based on your specific requirements, we will work with you to develop a customised solution. Contact us to learn more about how to optimise your cloud environment and minimise risks.

Seven services you need for your Cloud Governance

To take full advantage of the cloud and minimise the risks, you can use various cloud governance services.

  • Hierarchy
    We work with you to develop the right structure for your cloud environment. This essentially involves management groups, subscriptions and resource groups. Corresponding naming conventions as well as the lock and tagging strategy are defined.

  • Management
    We determine role-based concepts (RBAC) and policies for the cloud environment with you.

  • Safety and Compliance
    We support you in planning and complying with security and compliance requirements.

  • Cost Monitoring
    We help you keep an eye on your cloud costs and make sure you don’t spend more than you have to.

  • Optimisation
    We help you optimise your cloud environment to improve performance and save costs.

  • Rollout Governance
    The rollout of the governance concept is software-defined with modules from the CANCOM Automation Library. This means that changes are always traceable, repeatable and can be easily reset in the event of an error.

  • Managed Services
    We offer cloud managed services including cloud governance management so that you and your team can make the best use of cloud services.

With our cloud governance services, you can be sure that your cloud environment is secure, cost-effective and compliant. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take full advantage of the cloud.

Your benefits at one glance

Effective cloud governance offers numerous advantages for your company:
  • Improved safety: By adhering to standards and implementing policies, security breaches and data loss can be prevented.

  • Effectivity and efficiency: Monitoring resource utilisation, capacity planning and optimising resources reduces unnecessary costs.

  • Scalability: By managing cloud resources, IT teams can respond and scale quickly to changes in user requirements.

  • Compliance: With effective cloud governance, you can ensure that cloud services and applications meet regulatory standards.

  • Consistency: Cloud governance can ensure consistent provision of cloud services and applications.

  • Transparency: Users can track the use of cloud services and applications and allocate costs thanks to cloud governance.

  • Risik reduction: Cloud governance minimises the risk of downtime, data loss and security breaches in the cloud.

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